Video Tutorials for the BAETS Website

The best way of learning from these video tutorials is to practice it yourself after viewing each video at least twice. Please feel free to pause whilst viewing to use it as a guide. The videos can be viewed in HD Mode, click the HD icon when viewing them.
Tutorial 1) Login, Dashboard and Homepage textboxes

How to login into the BAETS Website, view the dashboard and edit the homepage text boxes.


Tutorial 2) Pages, Sidebar, Contact Form

How to edit the other pages of the website, the Sidebar and Contact form


Tutorial 3) New Page, Hyperlinks, Menu and Documents

This tutorial will teach you how to create a New Page, insert hyperlinks, insert Menu or sub menu items and upload a document.


Tutorial 4) Member Profiles Signup Approval process

This tutorial will teach you how to approve each submission of the BAETS Member Profiles.